The Ewoks are NOT the cuddly little fir balls we were led to believe. If one observes closely, there are clear indications of a violent society.

1 – the traps already in place before the battle of Endor. The traps and various contraptions used by the Ewoks were not some hastily thrown together battle plan. With beasts of burden or any tools beyond the stone age, they were able to construct weapons that were capable of taking out AT-ST’s.

2 – They had a human sized dress for Leia when she first arrived. If this was their first interaction with standard humans, then why did they have the dress lying around?

3 –  Their first inclination with the rebel forces was to spit roast them for a feast. They also had pieces of Stormtrooper armor and immediately knew how to use Imperial weapons as soon as they looted them from dead Stormtroopers in the battle.

A linguistic analysis show the true nature of their violent society.