We have our first small item up on SciFiCollectorsUnion on Facebook.

It is Figpin 600, Silver Grogu in his pram. It is MIB, with the plastic wrap. The image in the plastic is what you get. The other images are just clearer images from online. 

There will be 50 tix at $1. We spin the wheel live 1 week (closest Saturday) after the base # of tix are sold. 

Post a comment with the number of tickets you want, once we reply, make the payment to negotiator@everything-is-negotiable.com via paypal, post the receipt (or transaction #), and once we confirm we will add you to the wheel for as many tickets as you order. 

Paypal may charge you tax, depending on your location. We have no control over that, sorry. 

We will cover all domestic shipping. We will contact you if there are any associated charges with international shipping. 

Join the group and see what other stuff we have coming up.