We have recently had some rather rude comments on some of our Facebook posts.

Let me be clear. If you don’t like what we are posting, feel free to scroll past it. Imagine you were face to face with us. Would you still say the things you are posting. If you are posting a legitimate comment, we will respond to you and do what we can to address your concerns.

If you just want to comment things such as you think Disney lightsabers are better than ours (without ever trying or buying one of ours), than we really don’t care. It just seems like you are posting to be mean spirited. We have our sabers and Disney has theirs. We actually own some Disney sabers in our private collection. We happen to think they have a nice look to them. The difference is that they are more for display or child use. Ours are higher grade, have more options, sounds, are duel ready. They are for 2 different sets of buyers. We do have pre-made sabers that look like certain movie or TV show inspired sabers. We also have custom parts (going up in the shop today actually). This allows you to either take a pre-made saber and customize it or build yours from the ground up to suit your own individual style and/or cosplay/dueling needs.

In closing, if you are just a person looking to be mean, than you have no place on our sites. We love our customers and followers and try to do the best by them every day. If you are simply a hater, stick to your own sites and broadcast your vitriol. I doubt most people will care, but you are welcome to keep spitting in the wind.