Aang and Mai would have been great friends –

• Aang being super friendly to Mai right off the
bat so she lets her guard down with him the
• Checking in with each other about Zuko’s
mental health
• Mai being incredibly wary of Momo at first
• Aang is perfectly respectful and kind about
this of course
• Mai teasing Aang about his height until he
finally grows taller than her and then it’s
• Tom-Tom LOVES Aang’s air spinner trick so
Mai brings him along to hangouts all the time
• Mai helping throw Katara off track when Aang
is ready to propose (everyone is involved of
course, but Mai is instrumental because she’s
better at lying/redirecting focus than Zuko)
• Aang telling her the story of Koh the Face
Stealer and Mai being like “I could take him”
• Mai buying back Air Nation artifacts stolen by
rich Fire Nation families and surprising Aang
with them
• Mai realizing Aang is basically covered in
tattoos and being like “wow that’s bad’ss”